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Many thanks for the wonderful service you give me.


You are the first one I call when I need help as I know you will come as quickly as possible or try to help me in any other way.


You have a good heart for helping also at our outreach group. Most appreciated.


I will continue to make use of your services.




Arctos technologies has been our IT service provider for the last three years.

It was always conducted professionally and I was always assisted even after hours.

All work done was excellent and to our satisfaction


In connection with the service we, Pretoria Dutch Reformed Church, receive from Arctos, and specially Conrad is superb.

Conrad is reliable and always keep his word, and if he could not make it for an appointment always phone.

He is very clever and can always solve the problem and go the extra mile to do it.

Conrad also try to get the best price on parts and is not doing his service for the money, but want to satisfy his customer.

We also make use of Conrad for our personal PC


Conrad is always willing to help, no matter what.


I can always phone him with a problem or query and somehow he will sort it out.


I would recommend Arctos to anyone that has any type of IT need!


If your IT is being naughty – who you gonna call? Conrad J


We have worked with Arctos Technologies (Pty) Ltd for 3 years and trust them to meet our computer needs. The professionals at Arctos Technologies are knowledgeable and experience in the IT industry.

It has always been a challenge to manage our computer and IT on top of our daily responsibilities, but with the help of Arctos Technologies, we have more time to take care of business matter. We can trust them to provide the most efficient solution to resolve our technical problems.

Always prompt, always professional and always proactive, the experts at Arctos Technologies take care of IT so we can take care of business.

We will recommend them for any office technical challenges.


I, Prof C R Snyman, herby testify to the excellent services I have received from Arctos Technologies, and in particularly with Mr Conrad Prinsloo. I have known him for some five years and during this time he was always available to me to fix any problem relating to my computer and printer. Among other things I had to move from my old house to a new address, and Conrad did the removal of the computer, including all the wires attached below it and installed it professionally in my new house. I always find him very polite and also a pleasure to work with


We would like to sincerely thank you for your service over the past years! You are not just a consultant for us, but part of the Thumos family! We enjoy your visits as you always have solutions for us and even if it's a bit of a challange you are totally up for it and are prompt with your research!

You always have time for our technical issues and are never too busy to answer our calls! We are at ease when we have appointments with you as you always attend to us and its fun having coffee with you while you're making our work lives easier. Your service is super convenient!

We are looking forward to having you as our IT consultant and friend in the future!


Conrad Prinsloo of Arctos Technologies (PTY) Ltd is truly “unique find” and a true “unique one-of-a-kind” in the IT technology industry. I say this without hesitation for the following pertinent reasons:


  • Conrad always delivers what he purports to be, which is an IT solution-finder and IT solution-deliverer.

  • Conrad has a unique personality trait which is completely “approachable” and he has an honest, respectful and professional work-ethic and he personally aspires to delivering value to any business or private individual engaging his services.

  •  Conrad makes it easy to do business with him at all hours of the day as he is accommodating of any crisis and utilizes his wide-spread-knowledge of IT technology speedily to resolve any IT problems or requests.


As I say, Conrad is truly a “unique find” and I have referred him to my friends without hesitation and the feedback which I receive is that he totally lives up to my referral. I have known him professionally now for 5 years and he has never wavered in his dedication to delivering first-class service in his IT field of expertise.


I salute you Conrad!


Testimonial Conrad Prinsloo,


I know Conrad Prinsloo since he worked for Nerd on Site as a youngster. He guided me through a number of IT upgrades at home. He gave me good advice, he is reliable, he is humble, and he is loyal. He walks the extra mile, also after hours.


Over the years I noted his development as an IT specialist and a businessman. He came through the ranks and he paid his dues. Experience and personalised attention – that’s what he brings to the table.  


I wish him and Arctos Technologies well.


Dear Conrad

It is with great honor that we write this short testimonial for you.

Your rapid response to a call out has always been quick. You have treated us with high regard, and seen to our need as a priority of the day. Being in a medical practice you have honestly serviced us with a positive and kind hand. You understand that we cant wait for days. for repairs you get to us in the shortest quickest time. 

Your service has been of high standard . Some of us learn a little slower, yet you managed to coach us all the way, with a very positive end result.

A call out to you is just a phone call away, so we appreciate your open, honest and patience.​


I have used Conrad's IT services and he is knowledgeable, friendly, and ever so understated but a man who knows his stuff! His weakness is coffee! So when he comes out to a customer call out don't forget to offer him a good cup of coffee!

Thank you Conrad we will continue to always use your services and indeed recommend them.

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